Client 1

Katie, Age 39

Steven has been my exercise physiologist for 2.5 years.  In that time, and under his guidance, I have dropped 6 kilos, reduced my body fat by 10% and I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life!  I could not have achieved any of these results without him.   Steven’s expertise has guided me to regain my fitness despite my many injuries and conditions.  He has always put my well being at the forefront when working with me and his kind, caring approach was pivotal in me achieving results. Overall, Steve’s services have allowed me to achieve strong physical results and in turn, these results have had lasting impacts on my mental well being.  I highly recommend Steve’s business to anyone looking to regain fitness, strength and well being.

Client 2

Dasha, Age 27

Steven is an exceptional Exercise Physiologist and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with him and finally have someone who understands me, my body, and what my goals are. I experience cardiac arrhythmia and he has been very accomodating and understanding. His knowledge and expertise shine through everything he does and I know that I am in very capable hands. Exercising with cardiac issues can be a nerve-racking activity, but Steven has made me safe and his friendly and calm demeanour has made me feel relaxed and competent. After working with a Personal trainer who pushed me harder than my body could safely manage, I became unsure of what I was capable of performing safely. Steven has always kept my issues in mind and worked me at the right pace and setup routines to help me achieve my goals to lose weight, increase fitness and work towards a toned and more healthy body and mindset. I’m down to 59 kg after losing 8 kg in the past 6 months since working with Steven and I’m feeling fantastic, loving the way I’m looking and no longer experience the anxiety around exercising I have previously struggled with. I’m continuing to reach new goals and loving the energy that has come from being fitter and healthier. 

Client 3

Mark, Age 68

I have worked with Steven over the past 12 months after being referred by my local GP to an Exercise Physiologist due to being overweight, having hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes and numerous other chronic health conditions. I was quite unsure and unaware of what an Exercise Physiologist was, but after our first session my uncertainty had been eased. After ongoing regular appointments I have decreased my blood sugar levels significantly, reduced numerous medications and currently lost 12 kg. I haven’t felt this happy or healthy in a long time and I would recommend to anyone that is unsure about getting started or anxious to begin an exercise routine, it has honestly been the best thing I have ever done. I would recommend Steven’s services to anyone his friendly, caring and knowledgeable approach quickly settled my uncertainity and I only wish I had started sooner.